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Cosmetics Legislation and Cosmetics Registration in Canada

Cosmetic Regulatory Services Canada

We are the world's leading provider of cosmetic regulatory services. Our team of professionals can assist you in navigating the complexity of the Canadian regulatory environment and bringing your products to market as quickly as possible. We have extensive expertise in this industry, having worked with both big corporations and small firms. We realize that time is money, and we will do all in our power to get your product certified as soon as possible so you may start selling!

Cosmetic Regulations in Canada and Cosmetic Label Compliance
Our Cosmetic Regulatory Specialists can assist you in ensuring that your product ingredients adhere to the INCI format and that your labels fit the standards and scope of a cosmetic as defined by the Cosmetic Regulations Canada. Our French translator can assist you in ensuring that your label is multilingual, with both English and French content.
The Cosmetic Regulations are highly essential in Canada, and you must follow them in order for your business to prosper. The cosmetic industry is expected to earn an average of 1.82 billion US dollars in sales per year by 2026, representing a 57% rise over the following four years.

Health Canada Cosmetic Regulatory Services Requirements for Compliance

The requirements for registering a cosmetic product in Canada are as follows:
Cosmetics Regulations

The cosmetic must comply with all applicable standards in the Food and Drugs Act, Natural Health Products Regulations, and Cosmetic Regulations.
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Label Compliance

The product's label must provide usage instructions. These guidelines contain safe handling instructions, cautions about harmful behaviours, storage conditions, and disposal techniques.
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Ingredients (Formula) Check

Product components, as well as their role within the formulation of your product, should be included on the label; this will help you to detect any allergies or sensitizing agents that may cause harm to customers who use your product.
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Importance of Cosmetic Regulations Canada?

According to Health Canada's Cosmetic Regulations, all cosmetic goods marketed in Canada must be created, packaged, and stored under sanitary circumstances. Regulatory authorities are always on the watch for misbranded or tainted goods, as well as inappropriate product packaging. Manufacturers or importers must do a safety assessment before launching their cosmetic products. Companies must notify Health Canada that they are selling cosmetics and provide a list of the composition of the product.

  • Labelling Regulations

    Cosmetic labelling rules, such as the Drugs & Food Act and Cosmetic Regulations in Canada, must be followed. It is mandatory if you want to sell cosmetic product in Canada. Contact us for label compliance solutions.

  • Evaluation of Safety

    Product safety evaluation is one of the legal or regulatory obligations. Manufacturers, importers, distributors, and others should do a safety evaluation on their products to ensure that only safe commodities reach customers.

  • Non-compliance Notice

    If Health Canada uncovers evidence that a cosmetic product is contaminated or misbranded, it may issue a non-compliance notice outlining the flaws that must be addressed.

  • Mandatory Information

    A pre-packaged cosmetic label must include product identification in English (and French in Canada), net quantity declaration in metric units, and the identity and location of business of the dealer.

Solutions for Canada Cosmetic Regulations
Arora 297 Consulting is dedicated to assisting cosmetic enterprises with meeting Canadian cosmetic regulations. We can help you with cosmetic registration in Canada, ingredient reviews, cosmetic notification Canada, French translation, and cosmetic packaging/labeling compliance.
Solutions for Compliant Cosmetic Regulations in Canada.
Cosmetic Notifications: Our Canadian Cosmetic Regulatory specialists can assist you in reviewing the components in your cosmetics. Next they make certain that the product does not include any of the components on the 'Ingredient Hotlist' (substances that may be prohibited or restricted in cosmetics). We will assist you with compiling and submitting your cosmetic notice application to Health Canada after the evaluation is completed.
Cosmetic Label Compliance & French Translation: We ensure that all of your product ingredients adhere to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) format and that your label satisfies the standards and scope of a cosmetic. We also have French translators with over 25 years of expertise who will guarantee that your label is multilingual and contains both English and French content.

Canadian Cosmetics Regulations Compliance Services  !

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Health Canada Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF)

Our cosmetic specialists can assist you with reviewing your cosmetic ingredients, ensuring that none are on Health Canada's 'Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist,' and preparing and submitting the 'Cosmetic Notification Form' to Health Canada!
Notification of Cosmetics
Section 30 of the Cosmetic Regulations requires importers and producers to submit a cosmetic notice form to Health Canada within 10 days of selling a cosmetic product in Canada. Failure to do so may result in the product being denied admission into Canada or being removed from the market.
Amendment and Resubmission of Cosmetic Notification Forms

According to Section 31 of the Cosmetic Regulations, if any modifications that impact a Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF) are made, the Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF) must be resubmitted to Health Canada following an alteration. Among the alterations that may be made are:

  • Cosmetic formulation changes
  • Name changes for the product
  • The offer has been discontinued.
  • Name and location of the new firm
  • The new company's contact information

Amendment and Resubmission of Cosmetic Notification Forms

Our team of Canadian Cosmetic Regulatory professionals can help you through the whole online notification procedure, from completing the Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF) to submitting or resubmitting it to Health Canada. In addition, we:

  • Examine the cosmetic ingredients
  • Examine the product to see whether it contains any of the ingredients on the 'Ingredient Hotlist' (restricted or prohibited substances in cosmetics).
  • Compile your cosmetic notice form and send it to Health Canada.
  • Make any necessary changes and resubmit the Cosmetic Notification Form.
We may provide notification services to any company, inside or outside of Canada, to guarantee that their goods are registered with Health Canada and have a smooth market entry.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Cosmetic Regulations (FAQ's) !
What are Cosmetic Regulations ?
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Cosmetic Regulations are the set of rules and guidelines established by Health Canada to ensure the safety, quality, and labeling requirements of cosmetic products sold in Canada.

Are there specific labeling requirements for cosmetics in Canada?
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Yes, the Cosmetic Regulations specify labeling requirements for cosmetics sold in Canada. This includes mandatory information such as product name, list of ingredients, net quantity, and contact information of the manufacturer or distributor.

Are there any testing requirements for cosmetic products in Canada?
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While Health Canada does not require pre-market testing for cosmetics, manufacturers and importers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their products. They should have evidence to support the safety and efficacy claims made for their cosmetics.

Are there any restrictions on cosmetic ingredients in Canada?
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Yes, Health Canada maintains a list called the "Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist," which includes prohibited and restricted ingredients in cosmetic products. It is essential to ensure that the ingredients used in cosmetics comply with these regulations.

Who is responsible for regulating cosmetics in Canada?
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Health Canada is the regulatory authority responsible for overseeing and regulating cosmetic products in Canada. They ensure that cosmetic products meet the safety standards and requirements set forth in the Cosmetic Regulations.