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In the US, it is crucial to ensure the efficacy and quality of food, medicines, and cosmetics. Agents of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are in charge of upholding the rules that aid in safeguarding customers from harmful and/or fraudulent goods.
In order to fulfill all requirements for Dietary Supplement Foreign Facility registration, we act as an agent for the US FDA. In an emergency, our US FDA agent may respond to any inquiries from the FDA.

Importance of US FDA Agent Service

Every foreign company that creates dietary supplements, medical devices, or drugs that are imported into the US must designate an FDA US agent as its authorized correspondent.

  • In the case of an emergency involving a medication, medical equipment, or nutritional supplement, a US FDA agent assists.
  • In the event of an emergency, FDA only contacts the FDA US Agent.
  • The FDA US Agent is required by law to reside in the US and to be physically present there.
  • Any calls from the FDA can be answered by the US Agent.

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Our Responsibilities As A US FDA Agent

We specialize in assisting international companies to register with the US FDA in the food, drink, food supplements, pharmaceuticals, and medical device industry. We assist clients with completing the registration procedure.

  • By our connections with the foreign establishment, we support the FDA.
  • We react to FDA inquiries on your imported goods or medical equipment.
  • The FDA can use our assistance to plan communications with the foreign establishment.
We shall be responsible to the FDA for any costs associated with the re-inspection of your facility or any goods detained at a US port as well as handling your not complying with a recall order while acting as an FDA US Agent for your Food Additive Overseas Facility.

Understand the Regulations we Enforce:

You must be aware of the rules and legislation that you are tasked with upholding as a US FDA agent. It's critical to familiarize yourself with the FDA's code of rules as well as any other pertinent laws pertaining to the security of foods and medications. Also, it's important to be informed about any new advancements in the industry or any modifications to rules.

Carve Out a Specialization in Inspections and Compliance:

As a representative of the US FDA, it is crucial that we pinpoint the areas that need improvement and check food products either before or after clearance. As part of this, production facilities can be reviewed, imported goods can be examined, and packaging can be checked for any indications of contamination or improper handling. To properly carry out regular inspection on behalf of the FDA, you'll need to keep up with the most recent standards and regulations. You will be in a better position to offer insight and counsel to companies as needed if you have this knowledge.

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Train and Teach Others Both In-Person and Online:

Our duties as US FDA Agents also include instructing and training employees at food processing plants on the spot. Among the things that will be covered in this are the right ways to clean, store, and practice quality control. Digital education is a crucial tool for ensuring that food manufacturing facilities and consumers alike understand the significance of adhering to FDA standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions - US FDA AGENT (FAQ's) !
What is the role of a US FDA Agent?
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A US FDA Agent acts as a representative for foreign companies in FDA-related matters and helps ensure compliance with FDA regulations.

Why is it necessary to hire a US FDA Agent for FDA registration?
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Hiring a US FDA Agent is mandatory for foreign establishments that want to register their facilities and products with the FDA. The agent serves as a point of contact between the FDA and the foreign company.

How do I find a reliable and experienced US FDA Agent?
Image of FAQ on hiring a US FDA Agent

To find a reliable US FDA Agent, you can search online directories, consult industry associations, or seek recommendations from other companies in your industry. It's important to verify their credentials and experience in FDA regulatory matters.

What are the benefits of hiring a US FDA Agent for FDA compliance?
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Hiring a US FDA Agent brings several benefits, including expert knowledge of FDA regulations, assistance with documentation and submissions, representation during FDA inspections, and overall guidance to ensure compliance with FDA requirements.

How much does it cost to hire a US FDA Agent?
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The cost of hiring a US FDA Agent can vary depending on several factors such as the scope of services, complexity of products, and the agent's experience. It's recommended to discuss the fees and service details with potential agents to get a clear understanding of the costs involved.